Washington DC Adventures

Washington DC Adventures

Posted on July 29, 2016

From Toys’R’Us, I bought a Power Rangers toy.  It was the Dino Super Charge Morpher.  It also came with two Super Chargers – the T-Rex Charger and the Stego Charger.  I saved my pocket money and finally I could buy them.

The Dino Morpher can also join with the Dino Super Charge Morhper.  Now I am saving my pocket money to buy a Dino Morpher as well.  Toys’R’Us was very big and it was awesome!


I have also been to a waterpark.  The waterpark was great because liked all of the stuff there.  There was a pipe that poured out lots of water and we went under it.  When we went under the pipe the water splashed all over us.  There were also water pistol canons.  One was yellow and the other was red and they were on a pole in the ground and you could turn them around to shoot everyone around you!  It was a really hot day so being in the water made me feel nice and cool.

I loved going to the Air and Space Museum.  There was space stuff and aircraft.  There were rockets and a moon buggy, a copy of the Lunar Module from Apollo 11, satellites and we went into a planetarium and saw a film about stars.  A planetarium is a kind of big dome that you go in and you look at the ceiling and you can see space, stars and planets.

The aircraft were amazing!  There were planes from the wars (world war I & II).  I got to see the cockpit of a jet (commercial air liner).

I really like Washington because it is amazing!  There’s lots to do and it has good pizza.

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