The Pueblo People – Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, New Mexico

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The Pueblo People – Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, New Mexico

Posted on October 17, 2016

Today we went to the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center and I found it really interesting.

Indian Pueblo Cultural Centre Celebration Dress

Pueblo people celebration dress

Indian Pueblo Cultural Centre Pots

The Pueblo people made beautiful pottery by hand which they used to store grains and carry water

Indian Pueblo Cultural Centre Pots

I found these beautiful vases at the Pueblo Cultural Centre – I was amazed that they used to make everything from what they had around them

It taught me how they made clothing…

The Pueblo people made clothing on big wooden looms and they used cotton and animal hide.  The animal hide was used as shoes (they were called moccasins) and jackets.  They used things like powdered beetle/stones mixed with water for dying cotton for clothes.

…and how they used animals to live.

The Pueblo people believed that animals were a gift from the spirits.  Because of this, they never took advantage of any animal and never killed more than required.  No part of the animal was wasted, for example, the meat was eaten, the hide was used for clothing, rugs, mats and drums, the bones were used for tools, clubs, jewellery and sewing needles.  Because  they had a lot of respect for animals, they painted images of animals on most of the pots and vases that they made.

The corn dance

The corn dance was a ceremonial dance to celebrate harvesting season they also did a corn dance at the start of the plating season to ask the spirits to give a large harvest.

The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center was brilliant! I think it made me want to learn more about the native American people.


Sign at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center


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