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Oklahoma State Fair

Oklahoma State Fair

Posted on October 17, 2016

In Oklahoma we went to the really big Oklahoma State Fair and I called it our ‘Royal Adelaide Show‘ replacement.

How we spent our day:

At the start we went to the mini petting zoo at the park where we could feed the animals except for pigs and donkeys. There was a deer that kept following me after I fed it but I finely got it away from me.  Then we went to a barn where we learnt about how to make honey, and I saw goats and chicks. I also held butterflies. We got food to put on our hands and the butterflies ate the food. They looked so pretty.

After that we ate lunch and went on rides and I went on really fast roller coaster on my own and I rose a little in my seat when it went on it’s first dip.


We did side shows and went shopping in the market there. My brother and I got a bag full of lollies. When we got back to the hotel we went swimming with Dad and then we came back to the room where we watched some youtube videos and ate some of our lollies.

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