Mount Rushmore for Kids

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Mount Rushmore for Kids

Posted on October 17, 2016

How great is Mount Rushmore for kids? I loved it! It is in South Dakota, and it is an interesting place. It has the faces of presidents Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson and Roosevelt carved into the mountain and I did a really cool drawing of Mount Rushmore and I think it turned out really good. Mount Rushmore is a great place for kids.


It is a really cool mountain and the faces in the mountain are really, really big. There was a amphitheatre at the bottom of the mountain, and we were on a balcony that had a really good view of mountain. This made the drawing easy to do.


Then afterwards we had some ice cream because it was really hot outside. One of the best things about Mount Rushmore for kids is the ICE CREAM!


Dad had the ice cream made from the recipe that Roosevelt brought over from France and I had a yummy cookie dough ice cream. The ice cream that dad had it was the first ice cream in America (I tried some) and it was really nice.  It melted in my mouth! YUUUUUMMMMMYYYYYY!


The faces in the mountain took 14 years to make. They used explosives and jack hammer like tools and the costs were about $1,000,000 and about 400 people worked on the project WOOOOOOOOOWWWWW. This kids science website from New Zealand has some other fun facts about Mount Rushmore for kids.

From ArgeyDaughter

ArgeyDaughter at Mount Rushmore, South Dakota.



Mount Rushmore for Kids - A great place to visit with the whole family, and get creative.

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