The Kennedy Space Centre

Kennedy Space Center Feature

The Kennedy Space Centre

Posted on October 17, 2016

One day we went to the Kennedy Space Centre.  It was awesome there.  It was awesome because there was lots of space stuff there like rockets, a space shuttle and a piece of the moon that we could touch.


We watched a 3D movie about travelling in space.  We went on a bus ride and saw the launching pads.  The launching pads are where they send the rockets and shuttles into space from and we got to see the launching pad that sent up Apollo 11.


Apollo 11 was very special because it was the rocket that took people to walk on the moon for the first time ever!

Space Shuttle Atlantis - Kennedy Space Centre

Space Shuttle Atlantis

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A Kid's Perspective on a day at Kennedy Space Center

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  • Reply ArgeyMum June 12, 2017 at 4:31 pm

    It was such a hot day! Remember? We sat inside by one of the air conditioners just to cool down for a bit, while the others went and looked at the space shuttle! But it was an amazing day!

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