Dubai Sand Dune Safari Adventures

Posted on December 13, 2015

Dubai was all new to us, we had only been there a matter of hours really.  The aquarium was beautiful, the beds were comfy and we had caught up on some sleep at the hotel.  Then dinner time approached on Wednesday afternoon and we got the call to our room saying that our driver had arrived to take us to our Dubai Sand Dune Safari. We promptly went down to the lobby where we met the driver and the two other passengers who would accompany us on our adventure (we honestly couldn’t remember their names so we named them after where they were from – Sydney and Brazil).

Sydney was an outgoing young lad on a Contiki Tour.  Brazil was a slightly more reserved woman who was heading back home after many years abroad.

We drove out of Dubai for about 35 minutes, where we stopped at a small market that had a playground and toilets.

Market area, 35minutes out of Dubai, was the gateway to the sand dunes

Market area, 35minutes out of Dubai, was the gateway to the sand dunes


There was also about 100 other 4WD’s and four-times as many people.  Our driver said we had 30mins to do some shopping, go to the toilet or relax before we departed for the sand dune safari.

Market area, 35minutes out of Dubai, was the gateway to the sand dunes

Market area, 35minutes out of Dubai, was the gateway to the sand dunes

After getting a drink and a few mementos we remounted our 4WD and joined up our convoy of three other vehicles, and we entered the dessert.

When we had booked this trip, the travel agent said that we should do a sand dune safari. She assured us it would be so much fun; you do about 30-40 minutes of dune bashing and then go to a campsite for dinner.  She said that we would regret it if we didn’t do it etc.  I don’t usually put much stock in speeches like that because for all I know she is just trying to sell me something to increase her commission, but…


Wow! it was so much fun.  Bashing through the desert dunes of Dubai, sliding down the sides of the hills sideways, crashing over the crests not knowing what was on the other side was such a rush!  I wanted it to last longer. ArgeySon was having the time of his life laughing and squealing with delight.  Sydney was next to me also having a great time.  Brazil was in the front and not enjoying it as much as us boys were. ArgeyDaughter was really enjoying it as well, but unfortunately she was the one sitting right next to an upset mummy. ArgeyMum feared for her life – nope! The sand dune safari was not for her! None of us wanted to look like they were enjoying it too much (especially the daughter).  Our driver kept checking TheMum was okay but in the middle of the dunes we had little choice but to press on.

After about 35 minutes or pure adrenaline rushing awesomeness we stopped and got to watch the sun set over the dunes.

Having a break from the Dubai Sand Dune Safari to watch the sunset over the dessert

Sunset over the dunes

Such amazing beauty is hard to describe.  we then got back in the vehicles and ArgeyMum was assured that the worst of it was over and it would be a reasonably smooth ride now to the camp.  10 minutes later we hit bitumen and she shouted “Praise the Lord!”

We arrived at 1 of 32 campsites about 25 minutes later.

Dubai Sand Dune Campsite

Dubai Sand Dune Campsite

The campsites were great, comprising of a number of traditional activities: henna tattoos, traditional dress-ups, shisha stations, camel rides, an entertainment stage where we saw belly and twirling dancers, you could get your name in arabic, and eat traditional food. We had an Arabic BBQ buffet style meal which was delicious, whilst being entertained by live dancing.  All too quickly it was time to depart and head back to the hotel.  ArgeyMum was pleased to discover there was to be no more sand driving.

A wave goodbye for our driver at the Dubai Sand Dune Safari

A wave goodbye to our driver

Our driver took us back to the hotel and we said thank you and said our farewells to Sydney and Brazil.  Great end to an Amazing experience that we will never forget for varying reasons.  If you like some fun and don’t mind feeling a bit unsafe and you are in Dubai… Do the Dubai Sand Dune Safari!!!!  Seriously, do it!

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    Looks like amazing fun! ArgeyMum might prefer the tamer version we do on the EP lol 🙂

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    sounds awesome! did it hurt having your ears pierced ? i get mine done in four weeks YAY!!!:) anyway i miss you and can’t wait to here more about your adventures around the world
    XOXO Ava
    p.s i would of done emoticons but i have no idea how to i’ll stick with the smiley faces for now:)

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