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Christmas in Nercwys, North Wales: My Epic and Cool Christmas

Christmas in Nercwys North Wales Feature

Christmas in Nercwys, North Wales: My Epic and Cool Christmas

Posted on January 12, 2017

My first Christmas in Nercwys, Wales, was really fun.

 Our table set for Christmas Lunch - 2016 Christmas in Nercwys

Our table set for Christmas Lunch

We began celebrations on Christmas Eve; at night we went to the carols in the village playground (and by “we”, I mean Mum and Dad sang with everyone else while my brother and I played on the playground with the other kids from the village).

Nercwys Village Christmas Carols

Nercwys Village Christmas Carols

I got loads of presents and we had an amazing Christmas lunch that Dad made. For dessert we had Christmas pudding with custard at lunch but ArgeySon didn’t have any, but I did and it was yummy (we bought it from Tesco).

ArgeyDaughter Christmas Dinner

ArgeyDaughter just finished Christmas Dinner

After a filling lunch we played video games and played with our presents. x-mas I got a Nerf gun, a bath bomb science kit, the ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them‘ book, a Harry Potter charm bracelet, a speaker, Equestria Girls figures and bluetooth headphones.

I enjoyed my Christmas in Nercwys and can’t wait for the next one (wherever we will be).



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Christmas when you don't have a "home" is different for a kid. ArgeyDaughter had a great time preparing for Christmas in Nercwys, North Wales.

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