My Brother’s (Epic) Birthday

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My Birthday

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My Brother’s (Epic) Birthday

Posted on September 13, 2016

On WEDNESDAY it was my brother’s 7th birthday. We had waffles for breakfast in the hotel lobby where we were staying, in Le Claire, Iowa.

After breakfast we went swimming in the hotel pool and had a dip in the spa.  Afterwards, when we were in the hotel room and all dry and in warm clothes, we gave ArgeySon his presents. Mum and Dad got him the Dino-Morpher from Power Rangers Dino Charge, and a mini Pachycephalosaurus-Zord with two Dino Chargers. From me he got a mini titanosaurus zord and two Dino Chargers.

After presents we went to Chuck E. Cheeses  for lunch and we went on the games in the arcade and won a lot of  prizes with the tickets.

At the hotel we watched a movie and youtube until dinner and I had a miso soup, after dinner we had a tiny birthday cake and we went to bed.


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