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Spending Christmas Holidays Abroad in the Northern Hemisphere

Celebrating Christmas While Travelling

Celebrating the Christmas holidays abroad can be somewhat of an art form. For us Aussies, who normally celebrate Christmas in...


Letters From Friends Feature

Letters from Friends: Kids Travelling Full Time.

One of the wonderful things that happens when you are travelling full time, is that you tend to be drawn...

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  • The kids look so young in this one! But thishellip
  • Santa Monica is just glorious! Whod like a walk alonghellip
  • The California missions are so interesting! We had a greathellip
  • These were his bear hunt glasses which he wore constantlyhellip


Victor Harbor, South Australia – Our beautiful hometown.

What’s that popular Aussie song? “I’ve been to cities that never close down, from New York to Rio and Old London Town, but no matter how far or how wide I roam, I still call Australia home.” There’s definitely a hint of that in our lives – but Australia is
ArgeyMum Aug 25, 2017 9

Best. Day. Ever. – The Brontë Parsonage Museum

Aug 10, 2017

The Kennedy Space Centre

Oct 17, 2016

Bear Country USA – Rapid City, South Dakota

Oct 17, 2016

The Pueblo People – Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, New Mexico

Oct 17, 2016

Denver, Colorado for Families

Sep 9, 2016


August 2, 2017

Travelling with Food Sensitivities

We had a rather difficult time travelling in America. We were all getting stressed, the kids were fighting one minute, and bouncing off the walls the next. It was almost as if I had two toddlers again. I, myself, was feeling like I had a newborn with the amount of
June 3, 2017

Family Travel in the USA

Lots of people say “Why go to America? Isn’t it just like Australia or England?” and every time I say “We used to think that too!”. Now family travel in the USA is one of the things we recommend the most. There is nothing quite like the American road trip! The
October 17, 2016

The Kennedy Space Centre

One day we went to the Kennedy Space Centre.  It was awesome there.  It was awesome because there was lots of space stuff there like rockets, a space shuttle and a piece of the moon that we could touch.   We watched a 3D movie about travelling in space.  We
October 17, 2016

Bear Country USA – Rapid City, South Dakota

When we stayed at Rapid City, South Dakota, we had a day where the weather wasn’t very good so we couldn’t go to Mount Rushmore.  Instead, we went into Bear Country USA.  It was fun there. Bear Country is a place with bears and you can drive through the park.  Bears
October 17, 2016

Mount Rushmore for Kids

How great is Mount Rushmore for kids? I loved it! It is in South Dakota, and it is an interesting place. It has the faces of presidents Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson and Roosevelt carved into the mountain and I did a really cool drawing of Mount Rushmore and I think it turned
October 17, 2016

Oklahoma State Fair

In Oklahoma we went to the really big Oklahoma State Fair and I called it our ‘Royal Adelaide Show‘ replacement. How we spent our day: At the start we went to the mini petting zoo at the park where we could feed the animals except for pigs and donkeys. There


Lots of Planets Have A North - Travel Ideas for the Whole Family

Ever wonder what we did on our first year of travel? SO MUCH!Family trips don't have to be stressful. We've got loads of destination ideas, plus tips and tricks to make travelling with the kids pain-free, and maybe even a little bit fun!Big overseas trips or weekends away, we've got it sorted!Sign up for our newsletter that includes extra information on travel tips, hacks and deals to make travel less stressful for you and your family: or share with someone who wants to do more travel with their kids!Locations featured in the video:Tuscany Florence, Italy High Force Nercwys Universal's Cabana Bay Beach Resort Dubai Sand Dunes Oklahoma State Fair Naples, Italy The National Wallace Monument Stirling Castle Sant'Anna dei Lombardi Princeton, New Jersey Tewkesbury Medieval Festival Reptile Gardens Musée d'Orsay Downtown Aquarium - Denver Pensthorpe Natural Park Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Scavi di Pompei Puzzlewood Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum Buckingham Palace Haus der Musik Maid of the Mist Sydney Opera House Products featured in the video:Kathmandu Backpacks and daypacksGO Outdoors Hiking bootsHertz & Car hire in the UK, US and Hotel reservationsGoPro & Splice App used to make the videoYou can find all our affiliate links on our website.

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